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Professional Hardscaping Services – Making Art that Lasts a Lifetime for Only a Short Time

Hardscapers and hardscape designers can do everything a landscaper can do, but there is one other thing that separates them from their traditional counterpart, a little added flair to your run of the mill garden, trim lawn, and topiary.

Hardscaping or hardscape design, as the name itself suggests, is exactly what the words sounds like: executing and making plans that implement the use of hard materials like brick, timber, metal, concrete and etc to complement or beautify a landscape or environment. Some professional hardscapers can also be asked to implement water features into their hardscape plans, such as fountains and the likes, fountains are technically just hard materials that have built in water features.

When we say landscaping the image that automatically pops into everybody’s minds are award winning flowerbeds, freshly cut lawn that makes the neighbors green with envy, trimmed bushes that rests below a majestic tree, the same tree that will give us something to do for the entirety of autumn, raking its fallen leaves and getting rid of them. But as the newer, fresher, and a much more easier to maintain cousin of landscaping which is hardscaping becomes more and more popular around the country, the definition of getting your house “scaped” is starting to change, and its changing fast.

But the fun of hardscaping does not stop there, no sir, hardscapers and hardscape designers can be specialized in certain hardscaping aspects and most will be able to quickly come up with plans for decks, patios, walkways, barbeque pits, fancy retaining walls, decorative fences, and there are also some who can provide artsy sculptures. Hardscaping has many designs that are beautiful and just as lively as a green garden and the low maintenance and permanence is just an added bonus. But just because its hard does not mean hardscaping only deals with larger elements being planted on your backyard, hardscapers can also come up with designs that use up smaller, finer details that are used to complement the landscape instead. An example of this would be concrete Japanese-style lanterns or a copper Chinese guardian lions set up on your backyard is something any hardscaper can do.

But any project will have both the landscaping and hardscaping elements integrated to create a bigger and more beautiful picture. Most of the professional hardscapers have started out as landscapers anyway, so this means you can have them take care of both the hardscaping and the landscaping to problem. But if you happen to be working with a hardscaper without any landscaping background and is purely a hardscaping specialist, then you might want to also hire a traditional landscaper to take care of the landscaping elements and have the both of them work together in tandem. Look for local professionals, if you live in port orchard for example, try looking for a Port Orchard hardscaping designer.

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